Ryan Cox: guitars, vocals Ryan Cox grew up in Wilmette, IL just north of Chicago where he started playing Guitar at 14 years old. With a desire to be close to the Mountains, Cox left the Chicago area and moved to Boulder, CO in 2002 where he attended the University of Colorado. In Boulder he continued to pursue his musical interests in guitar and songwriting, and also learned to play the mandolin. After graduating from CU in 2006, he moved to Steamboat Spgs, CO for none other then the skiing. In addition to the skiing, Cox continued to focus on guitar theory and song development while playing at local open mic nights. It was at these open mic nights that Cox would meet Missed the Boat band Members Pat Waters, Andrew Henry, and Peter Hall. After a series of loose jam sessions the chemistry was difficult to deny, and thus formed Missed the Boat. Additionally, Cox plays in another steamboat based band called Tasty Vittles with Missed the Boat drummer Pat Waters and bass player Bryan Joyce.

Andrew Henry: Mandolin, 4 string electric mandobird, tenor banjo, vocals A native to Colorado, Andrew has always loved music and is a versatile player of many stringed instruments. Self-taught on the guitar, he was given his first mandolin when he graduated from college. Andrew plays many eclectic instruments and has been influenced by many different styles of music including: bluegrass, jam, world, rock, pop, and folk. Andrew's collection of instruments is ongoing. He traveled to Hawaii and began playing Ukulele, played the banjolin on the first ever recorded tracks for Missed the Boat, and has added sounds from the bouzouki on Rollin'. If he is not pedaling his road bicycle in the Canyons of Utah, you can find Andrew on the slopes of Steamboat mountain.

Peter Hall: harmonicas, vocals Peter Hall grew up in Denver, CO, and his first harmonica was an impulse buy at REI. He began playing harmonica, with Andrew Henry on guitar, in frequent basement jam sessions. After attending college in Middlebury, Vermont, he moved to Steamboat to teach skiing and get at the pow. After open mic jams with various members, he and Henry finally got together with Cox in a basment jam sesh to pump up the energies. Since then, he has played with Missed The Boat and at many campfire jams.

Jonathan Huge: Dobros and 5-String Banjo Jonathan moved to Colorado in 2008 after a few year sojourn living in a dune shack in Cape Cod, MA. He first picked up a guitar at age 16, and quickly found himself gravitating more and more towards open tunings. After a tragic roof-mishap destroyed his acoustic, he decided to buy a National Steel Guitar and learn to play Delta Blues slide. Years later he spent an hour a few feet in front of world renowned dobro player Jerry Douglas while Douglas played from a folding chair. Huge instantly knew that the dobro was for him. Having developed a love of bluegrass and recently departing from a much loved east-coat musical project The Band With No Name, he hurled himself into the NW Colorado music scene relentlessly, playing with area folk, rock, and bluegrass musicians in a variety of groups including Ragweed, Cornbread, Quarter Moon, and countless others. Local Steamboat music shop owner, Steve Boynton connected Huge with Missed The Boat to add dobro tracks to a new album. A few festivals, broken beer glasses, and good times later, Missed the Boat welcomed him to the roster.

Pat Waters: drums, vocals Pat Waters hails from Iowa City, IA. He got his 1st drumset in 5th grade, took lessons and then started in school band in 7th grade. He also started singing in the school choir in 7th grade. After high school, he was off to Ithaca, NY to attend Cornell University. It was there that music evolved from a pastime to a passion and he started playing with a band named Blindman's Holiday. The band recorded 2 CD's that got extensive airplay in upstate NY and beyond and the band toured tirelessly, playing with likes of The Band, The Wailers, Rusted Root and Widespread Panic, to name just a few. When the band broke up in 1996, Waters moved to New York City where he continued to play in various configurations and then eventually to Denver CO where he was in several different bands: Cosmic Soul Surfers, Delo and Article. Finally he moved to Steamboat Springs, CO in the winter of 2006 where he met the members and formed Missed the Boat.

Skip Warnke: bass Coming from the suburbs of Chicago, Skip was always drawn to the bass lines of whatever he was listening to. Receiving the most inspiration from the great pioneering bass talents; Jaco Pastorious, James Jamerson, Rocco Prestia, Larry Graham and Geddy Lee. During his time in college time he began playing with the jam band "Paulding Light" and bluegrass band "Frostbitten Grass", but realized that Colorado was where he wanted to be. Skip moved to Steamboat in 2002 after graduating from Northern Michigan University where he obtained a degree in construction management and met his future wife Kate. During his time in Steamboat, when not working/snowboarding/ and dirt biking, he was playing with the Holden Young Trio and New Orleans based Billy Franklin. Always eager to play with drummers in particular, he got in touch with Pat Waters (Missed the Boat drummer) regarding jamming with his buddies Dank (Bill Smith guitarist) and Graham Waters. After a few different incarnations, and along with the help from many steamboat talents, the Pink Floyd tribute band "Wish you were Pink" was formed. Through this connection, Pat asked Skip about replacing former bass player Bryan Joyce; and after seeing their high energy live show for the first time, he graciously accepted. Since then Skip has been bringing his colorful approach to MTB audiences across the state.